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Digital Impressions

Sirona CEREC AC Connect

A Picture Perfect Impression with Sirona's CEREC AC Connect

The accuracy of crown and bridgework is determined by the accuracy of the initial impression-taking process. As it currently stands, preparing trays, taking and extracting impressions, shipping, pouring models and trimming dies all present their own set of variables that ultimately jeopardises the precision and efficacy of a clinician’s work. The result can often be a restoration that leads to expensive increases in chairtime, costly remakes and unhappy patients.


With Sirona’s CEREC AC Connect BlueCam, now available from Ceramics Dental Lab, you can access our 'toll-free digital highway' and begin taking picture-perfect impressions every time!

CEREC AC Connect powered by BlueCam

The CEREC system has one of the longest-standing heritages in the dental imaging history.  Its origin dates back to 1980 when it was first introduced by Drs Mormann and Brandestini at the University of Zurich.  The system’s concept of an in-office chair-side CAD/CAM fabrication of ceramic restorations was among the very first of its kind.  Ever since then, this technology has undergone major reinventions, especially from the early 1990s when the system was further developed by research teams at Siemens (and later Sirona), a giant in the industry.  With such a concrete and reputable foundation, the 5th generation of the system, the CEREC AC Connect Bluecam, is without a doubt an absolute state-of-the-art digital impressioning device. What's more, your valuable time is now freed up from chairside milling, as the CEREC AC Connect allows you to simply scan and send.



The major features and benefits of the CEREC AC Connect BlueCam are:

  • Precise acquisition of oral structures, accurate to within 19 microns, by the cutting-edge LED BlueCam housed in the scanning wand

  • Quick transmission of your digital impression to Ceramics Dental Lab via the CEREC Connect portal means we can provide clinical advice, feedback and discuss case parameters while the patient is still chair-side

  • Friendly user experience - the BlueCam senses when the area is in focus and automatically captures the image

  • Speed of use, with half-arch impressions commonly acquired in a single streamlined operation that takes no more than 40-60 seconds

  • Access to Ceramics Dental Lab's 'toll-free digital highway', with digital impressions exempt from any scan fees or annual licences - simply scan, send to us and we manufacture both model and restoration in-house


Features & Benefits

CEREC AC (Acquisition Centre) Connect powered by Bluecam is Sirona's latest digital impressioning system. Released with more than 2 decades' development of the reputable CEREC system behind it, Sirona's 5th generation intra-oral scanner has been freed up from chairside CAD/CAM, meaning you can continue being a clinician (not a technician) by sending Ceramics Dental Lab your digital impressions.

This widely respected intra-oral scanner features:

Advanced Optical Technology
Ease of Use

Communication via CEREC Connect
Patient Satisfaction and Retention
Time & Cost Savings



Advanced optical blue LED technology yields extremely precise digital impressions:

CEREC Connect's Advanced Optical BlueCam

  • The scanner's powerful blue light-emitting diode (LED) technology delivers outstanding depth of field regardless of the distance between the scanning camera and tooth surface, with accuracy up to 19 microns

  • The short wavelength of the blue light captures nearly inaccessible areas of the oral cavity

  • A shake detection system ensures that images are captured automatically only upon the camera being still

  • Speed is unparalleled, with acquisition times at around 40 seconds for half-arch and 2 minutes for full-arch impressions

  • CEREC OptiSpray, a coating medium applied before scanning, helps render dentition non-reflective so as to enhance the final intra-oral visualizations



An easy-to-conquer learning curve is one of the standout features of the CEREC AC Connect, making your switch to new technology both speedy and convenient.


CEREC AC Connect Easy-to-Use Interface


  • Quick and easy set-up steps; no mixing or tray preparation required

  • Patient info is input electronically and saved in the system
  • Spray CEREC OptiSpray on relevant areas (prep, adjacent and opposing teeth)


  • Simply position camera over the area to be acquired and a 3D image will automatically be captured when the wand is still and the area is in focus

  • Only a few exposures are required to capture the preparation, adjacent and opposing teeth

  • Direct real-time 3D model articulation & on-screen feedback


  • Review the 3D model and prep magnified with your patient chairside

  • Margins can be easily marked in clinic utilizing the Automatic Margin Finder function

  • Complete prescription form on-screen and send to Ceramics Dental Lab wirelessly via the CEREC Connect portal

  • Easy removal of OptiSpray due to its high water solubility



Efficient communication with Ceramics Dental Lab via CEREC Connect, a web-based portal connecting CEREC users to Ceramics Dental Lab:

Communication with SCDL via the CEREC Connect portal

  • Instant transmission of impression to Ceramics Dental Lab wirelessly means that we can provide clinical advice, feedback and discuss case parameters while your patient is still chairside

  • No other system allows such immediate collaboration between dentist and lab, with both using the same platform to view the digital impression

  • CEREC Connect opens up the architecture of the CEREC system, so that Ceramics Dental Lab can now fabricate a virtually limitless array of restorations from a CEREC AC scan



Higher Patient Satisfaction and Retention:

Patient Satisfaction & Retention with the CEREC AC Connect

  • No more patient gagging reflex because the scanning wand is minimally invasive & patient-oriented

  • Reduced overall treatment time (at impression and seating)

  • Reduced frequency of repeat visitations due to better fitting final restorations

  • Improved reputation among your patients, who are likely to spread the word about your new state-of-the-art technology



Time & Cost Savings:

  • Cost savings compared to conventional impressioning (no more trays, materials, couriers)

  • Time savings at both impression appointment (no time needed for impression preparation and disinfecting) and seating appointment (very little adjustment, if any, required chairside)

  • No materials or mess to clean up

  • Extra earnings potential generated by freed up chairtime